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Backlinks FAQ

Sending our links directly to your affiliate links is not advisable. Why? Because our service consists of building links to your URL from websites (Mediawikis, Dokuwikis, Pligg social bookmarking sites) that don't have much human traffic, so you shouldn't expect much (if any at all) sales this way. Our service is aimed to make your landing pages (website, video, etc.) rank higher in search engines and bring you traffic indirectly this way.

Once your campaign is finished, we will generate the links report and send you a full PDF report via email. You'll be able to see all the links built there.

Yes there are. Niches such as casino, gambling, pharmacy, porn, sex or anything else illegal is not allowed. These restrictions are there to protect our network and other clients that don't want to be associated with these kind of niches. That's why we have filters in place to prevent such niches.

Our network consists of a mix of privately and publicly hosted sites. All of the sites right now are either of the following platforms - MediaWiki, DokuWiki, Pligg, Wordpress, etc.

Simply put, because we block their spiders. We used to allow them to crawl our network, so you still might see some links there, but processing power needed / bandwidth consumed by their spiders was way too large. The only spider we currently still allow is Moz's DotBot.

Note that this doesn't influence your rankings whatsoever. We don't block Google's, Bing's or any other search engine spiders and those are the only ones that are really important because they determine your rankings and traffic you receive in the end. Search engine spiders are allowed and will be able to see your links.

No. Backlinks are digital products and unfortunately there is no guarantee with this type of digital product.

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