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500 Backlinks

500 Quality Comment Backlinks

Quality Comments Backlinks with a low outbound link (obl) count. Every backlink of this package is placed on a blogpage with max. 50 external links!.

Our Quality Comment Backlinks have a maximum OBL* count of 50, meaning that there can be no more than 50 external links on each page where you get your backlink from. So it can be used to point directly to your site. You’ll get clean blog comments with a no spam guarantee!
*(OBL – Outbound Links)

We have teamed up with SpaceDogLinks to offer you 500 Quality Comment Backlinks at a very special discounted price. You can not buy these links at the special discounted rate from the SpaceDogLinks website, you can only buy them via MyFreeBacklinks.

500 Backlinks


  • Mixture(Comments & Trackbacks)
  • Low OBL (Outbound Links) of max. 50
  • Overdelivery of min. 15%
  • 100% Verified Live Links
  • Detailed Report
  • No Javascript Links
  • Fast Turnaround 1-48 Hours

*All payments are payable to payments@interspaceadvertising.com.  Please via our ‘Terms‘ page for all Information.

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